Maestro Alex Gregory

A resounding word of thanks and appreciation to some of my most respected heroes.- MAG

"Maestro Alex is the inventor of the 7-string guitar, and may have the best album cover in the history of rock."

-Derek Sherinian 2011
(Kiss, Dream Theatre, Planet X, Billy Idol)

Maestro Alex Gregory has a masterful command over his instrument and his extraordinary technique allows him to do things that many other guitarists would only dream about. His unique take and interpretations on classical music certainly puts him into a very small and exclusive class of musicians. And he has great hair!

Doane Perry
Jethro Tull

How can you play so fast and remember all those parts?
Brett Tuggle
(David Lee Roth, Lukather, Fleetwood Mac)

About Paganini's Last Stand: I really like what you have done, and the cover, it is generally agreed round here, deserves an award!

-Don Airey

"Maestro Alex Gregory most definitely belongs in that elite group of world class guitarists. His passion, intelligence and talent for articulation, technique and composition are very evident in anything he plays, not to mention his great sense of humor. One of my all-time favorites!"

-Michael Fath

Amazing record.. amazing playing!

-Dr. Franco Columbu
(Mr. Universe)

(About Bach On Steroids!)
It is Grammies all over! You are going to get endless Grammies!

-Rick Rosas
(Neil Young, Jerry Lee Lewis)

"The Maestro is a Master of the fretboard that will inspire you & have you rethink how the guitar is approached "

-Eric Singer
(Kiss, Gary Moore, Alice Cooper)

(About Bach On Steroids!)
UnbeIievable. Cant wait to play it in the car!
-Sir Paul McCartney
(The Beatles!!!!!!!)

“Flamboyant?  Outrageous?  Could these words be used to describe Maestro Alex Gregory?  Certainly, but if those were the only two words used one would be missing his essence.  Alex is an extremely creative and eminently talented artist that brings a seemingly relentless dedication to all that does – be it music or invention.  To me, Alex is part Monty Python and part Leonardo Da Vinci – he looks at the world differently than most – with humor and imagination.  He has the gift of looking at something as it is, imagining what it could be and the intelligence and ability to figure out how it can be done.  In my 25 years at Fender Musical Instruments I reviewed literally hundreds of inventions – most solutions for problems that only existed for the inventor.  In the mid-1980s, when Alex brought me his idea for a modern seven string electric guitar, I was impressed not only by the complete originality of his concept but the level of detail in the documentation he had prepared.  It still stands as one of the most impressive presentations I have ever seen.  The fact that his invention has been copied by so many others, and, that the instrument has remained an important part of modern music is a testament to his originality and creativity.”

Dan Smith

Vice President of Electric Guitar Marketing, Fender Musical Instruments Corp.  (1981-1995)

Vice President of Guitar Research and Development, Fender Musical Instruments Corp.  (1995-2006)


"Alex is one of those guitar players who plays just like his personality.He is a likeable guy with a big heart,and plays very fast.10 thumbs up for the Maestro"

-Matt Bissonette
(David Lee Roth, Satriani)

Alex is the best guitarist and musician known to me.

-Jay Penske
(Nescar, etc.)

(About Bach On Steroids!)
I enjoyed the music very much and specially track 6.

-Trini Lopez
(Multi-multi-platinum artist)

'Bach On Steroids' is a mind boggling display of chops, precision, and musicianship!

- Rod Morgenstein
(Dixie Dregs, Winger)

Maestro Alex Gregory is truly a unique musician, he has taken the knowledge of the guitar and mandolin to new realms with his self designed electric instruments. He is quite a shred meister and I actually dread getting a call to play on his tracks because it's more than my aging heart can take.

     Albert Lee

Great stuff!
Very cool idea and very amazing performances.
You sure can wail on that caster. Pretty stellar bunch of collaborators, too, and a super drummer holding it all together. The whole thing is great fun, but I particularly like House of Joy and Balls on Fire. Best of luck with this fascinating project.
Bach on!
Bill Kanengizer
(Grammy winner, LA Guitar Quartet)

Bach On Steroids! is one of the most ambitious and scary projects I've been involved with. Alex, on 7 string guitar and mandolin, did a fantastic job leading all of us through the recording and making the material come to 3D life.

-Dave LaRue
(Dixie Dregs/ Steve Morse Band)

You have amazing facility!

-Ted Green
(Jazz guitar great)

Amazing. I love your playing, the next time I need a Rock solo you are my first call
Jay Graydon
(Multi-platinum Jazz & Country producer and guitarist))

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